Ingrida Bublys

1 Mar

Ingrida Bublys Ingrida Bublys Ingrida Bublys, President of IB International Inc., shares 30 years in business development and company representation between the Baltic States and the US and lately has expanded business development to other surrounding countries. IBInternational represents a number … Read More »

Marilyn Madigan

1 Mar

Marilyn Madigan Marilyn Madigan Marilyn Madigan is the daughter of the late Jack and Catherine Finn Madigan. She is a lifelong resident of the West Park area of Cleveland. She attended St. Patrick West Park Grade School and is an … Read More »

Ray Pianka

5 Mar

Judge Ray Pianka   The induction speech for Judge Ray Pianka was given by Cleveland Councilman Anthony Brancatelli. Karen Pianka accepted the honor for her late husband and daughter Kirsten Pianka spoke on his behalf.   Click on the white arrow in … Read More »

Ralph Perk Jr.

5 Mar

Ralph J. Perk, Jr.     The induction speech for Ralph J. Perk, Jr. was given by Congresswoman Mary Rose Oakar Click on the white arrow in the images below to watch videos of the speeches. Then, click the icon … Read More »

Sheila Murphy Crawford

4 Mar

Sheila Murphy Crawford     The induction speech for Sheila Murphy Crawford was given by 2011 Cleveland International Hall of Fame inductee Gerry Quinn.  Click on the white arrow in the image below to watch video of the speech.  Then, … Read More »

Jim Craciun

23 Mar

Jim Craciun   Jim Craciun James M. (“Jim”) Craciun was born on August 31, 1951, and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.  He graduated cum laude from St. Edward’s High School 1969. In 1973, he graduated from Cleveland State University with a … Read More »

Basil Russo

23 Mar

Basil Russo   Basil Russo Basil M. Russo is the National President of the Order Italian Sons and Daughters of America (ISDA), having been first elected at the organizations biennial convention in Chicago in 2014.  The ISDA is one of … Read More »

Bill Miller

23 Mar

William (Bill) Miller     Bill Miller You would be hard-pressed to find anybody in this world who was more fascinated by and curious about the people of Cleveland. And William F. Miller possessed a passion for telling their stories throughout … Read More »

Eugenia Stolarczyk – 2016

22 Oct

Eugenia Stolarczyk   Since her arrival in Cleveland, Eugenia Stolarczyk has been an active member of the Polish community. She married Jerzy Stolarczyk in 1957 and with a special love for Polish music and folklore, the ambitious and hardworking couple … Read More »

Arnie de la Porte – 2016

22 Oct

Arnie de la Porte   Charles A. Andre de la Porte, or Arnie de la Porte as he is known, was born and raised in the Netherlands. He is a graduate of de Kweekschool voor de Zeevaart, the oldest Nautical … Read More »