Pat Dowd

27 Mar

Pat Dowd is the daughter of the late Tom and Millie Dowd and the oldest in her family of five siblings: Judy Wade, Kathy Dowd, Ginny Gaskill, Maureen Dowd, and Joe Dowd.  She attended St. Agnes and St. Aloysius grade … Read More »

Georgine Welo

9 Mar

As a young woman being raised in a Serbian Orthodox home, Georgine Welo  (maiden name Coso), would be spotted on Friday nights at Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral’s Cultural classes, attending Sunday School, reading the Epistle and working at all … Read More »

Michael D. Polensek

9 Mar

Michael D. Polensek, the “Dean” of City Council, and Councilman representing Cleveland’s 8th Ward, has served the neighborhoods of northeast Cleveland since 1978, making him the longest-serving Council member in the city’s history. Currently he serves as the Chair of … Read More »

Joyce Mariani

7 Mar

Joyce Mariani has a deep love for the culture of Italy handed down from her family which is of Florentine origin and Roman origin. Upon her return to Cleveland from Italy where she studied and worked, she founded the Cleveland … Read More »

Joe Valencic

13 May

Joe Valencic Joseph Valencic is a dynamic and creative presence within Cleveland’s Slovenian-American scene. His enthusiasm for all things Slovenian inspires others to discover and celebrate the uniqueness of their own cultures. Joe sees the commonalities and synergies between Slovenian … Read More »

Taras Szmagala

13 May

Taras Szmagala Taras Gregory Szmagala, Sr. was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1933. The son of Ukrainian immigrants Dmytro and Bronislawa Szmagala, Taras (known as “Tary”) grew up immersed in Cleveland’s rich Ukrainian-American community. He graduated from John Marshall High … Read More »

Anda Cook

13 May

Anda Cook Anda Cook was born in Riga, capitol of Latvia, but when she was 9 years old, left with family to escape the advancing Soviet army. The family expected to return back home after the war, but it was … Read More »

Margaret Lynch

13 May

Margaret Lynch Margaret Lynch has served as Executive Director of the Irish American Archives Society since 2008.  She had been a founding Board member of the Society since its inception in 1994.  As Executive Director, she researches, develops, and presents … Read More »

Paul Burik

2 Mar

Paul Burik Paul Burik Paul Burik was born in the city of Budvar – yes, the namesake of Budweiser Beer, in what is now the Czech Republic. He escaped with his father from Czechoslovakia in 1968 after the Soviet invasion. … Read More »

Richard Fleischman

2 Mar

Richard Fleischman Richard Fleischman Born in Cleveland in 1928, Richard Fleischman was encouraged to study architecture at a young age by an uncle who noticed his avid interest in drawing and building models. During his senior year at East Tech … Read More »