Wael Khoury

Wael Khoury,M.D.


Wael Khoury,M.D.
Wael Khoury,M.D.

Wael Khoury,M.D.

Wael Khoury,M.D., is the Head of Cardiology at Marymount Hospital. His impressive Curriculum Vitae follows.


  • Medical School: University of Damascus, 1975
  • Internal medicine Residency, Huron and St. Luke’s Hospitals, Cleveland Ohio, 1976-1979
  • Cardiology fellowship, Case Western Reserve University Hospitals, Cleveland, Ohio. 1979-1981
  • Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiology, 1982
  • Fellow, American College of Cardiology, 1982- Present


Academic – Professional Positions:

  • Cleveland Clinic Cardiology Staff, 2013-Present
  • Consultant  Faculty, Cleveland Clinic, 2000- 2013
  • President, Cardiology Associates of Cleveland, 1981-2013
  • Head of Cardiology, Marymount Hospital, Cleveland Ohio, 1982- Present
  • Director of Cath Lab and CHF Clinic, Marymount Hospital, 1990- Present
  • Marymount Hospital, Chief of Staff 1993-95, V.P. of Medical Affairs 1995-2001
  • Member, MEC Advisory Council, Cleveland Clinic Health System, 1996- Present
  • Medical director, Clinical Research Office, Cleveland Clinic Health System, Eastern Region, 2002- 2011
  • Principal Investigator, Several Cardiology Research projects, 2005-2013


Organizational Positions:

  • 1st Vice president, Cleveland American Middle East Organization (CAMEO), 1981-83
  • Board Member, American Heart Association, Cleveland Chapter, 1993-1997
  • Board Member, Council on World Affairs, Cleveland Ohio, 1998- Present
  • Chairman of the Board, Cleveland Council on World Affairs, 2012-2015. 2016- Present
  • Member, Cleveland Committee on Foreign Relations, 1998- Present
  • Advisory Board Member, Arab American Anti Discrimination Committee, ADC, Washington, D.C. 2002- Present
  • President, National Arab American Medical Association, Ohio Chapter, 1996-1997
  • National Arab American Medical Association ( NAAMA ), Chairman of the cultural committee and the Syrian Liaison committee, in the 1990`s. Hosted leading Arab poets and musicians in Cleveland.
  • NAAMA`s Secretary, 1998, Vice President, 1999, President Elect, 2000, National President, 2001
  • Board Member, National Arab American Medical Association Foundation, 2002-2005
  • Active and Leading role in numerous medical conventions, seminars, workshops in Syria and other Arab countries 1980`s- 2005
  • Member, Community Outreach committee, The Cleveland Orchestra, 2010- Present Member, International Cleveland Community Advisory Committee, Cleveland Museum of Art, 2011- Present.
  • Founding President, Syrian American Cultural Council, 2005-Present.
  • Chairman of the Syrian Cultural Garden project, Cleveland, Ohio, 2008- Present.
  • President of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation,  Beginning April 2017



Dr. Nizar Zein inducted Dr. Wael Khoury into the Cleveland International Hall of Fame. In his acceptance speech, Dr. Khoury spoke of the hard times in Syria. Click on the white arrow below to watch the video of Wael Khoury’s induction.



Dr. Nizar Zein
Dr. Nizar Zein


Dr. Nizar Zein and Dr. Wael Khoury
Dr. Nizar Zein and Dr. Wael Khoury


Dr. Wael Khoury
Dr. Wael Khoury


Dr. Wael Khoury
Dr. Wael Khoury


Dr. Nizar Zein, Dr. Wael Khoury and Mrs. Sasha Khoury
Dr. Nizar Zein, Dr. Wael Khoury and Mrs. Sawssan Khoury


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